Dress Code

  • Dress Code is fashionable and always up to doorman’s discretion.
  • Kings Nightclub reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest.
  • Entrance to premises constitutes consent to search of person and belongings by staff.
  • No guns, knives, or weapons of any type allowed on the premises. Please remember that the safety and well-being of our patrons and staff are our #1 priority and we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone that refuses to abide by the following rules.

Dress Code for Men:

  • Men are always expected to appear presentable and well maintained; this includes scent
  • No loose fitting, baggy, sagging, or oversized clothing, especially pants
  • No clothing with offensive phrases, gimmicks, or derogatory comments
  • No extra long shorts that fall below mid-calf
  • Absolutely NO sagging
  • No cuts
  • No tanks
  • All chains must be tucked under clothing and not visible
  • No sunglasses
  • No athletic attire
  • No bandanas
  • Hats may be worn but may only be worn facing forward
  • Suggested attire: button-down shirts, polo shirts, blue jeans/ khakis, and a belt

Dress Code For Women

  • Women are always expected to appear classy, presentable, & in good taste
  • No articles of clothing that reveal any undergarments such as your bra are permitted